Hair/Facial hair? Turn on?

People ask a cliche question? What attarcts you to a man. Some says eyes, body, personaility or the way they carry themselves?

There was once i remmebered a friend asking me this question. And i answered without thinking …facial hair?

What power does it have? I thought it only suited some people. But in actual reality it brings out the person’s eyes and the rest of their features. Its like growing hair. Many women dont like having real long hair. But if you know how to wear it, you can look feminine. Like this actress, Celina jaitley. After seeing her, i told myself i shall grow mine too.

Its how you groom it. When we say beard, no one means santa claus or osama bin laden. Something light and nice. And it does have alot of charm. Like Johnny depp for example. I find alot of women telling me they don’t ike the idea of a moustache or a beard. Again its preference.

Just like certain type of earrings suit certain face shapes. Beards and moustaches fall under the same category. I am inspired after looking at Ryan’s beard. I couldnt help thinking on how much it accentuated his oval shaped face and bring out his eyes. In fact, i could notice the color of the eyes. He does look like Johnny depp now. Maybe we should get him a pirate hat. But i was a little disappointed with Melanie’s new hairstyle though. I missed her long hair, espcially when she tied in pig tails. Her hairdresser thinned hair too much at the ends. And she keeps her bangs parted in the middle for some strange reason, maybe to help her see her way through. It would have been better if she switched to side bangs as she has an oblong face. Lets not forget Zelda’s new hairstyle. She looks cool. Fringe does make you over! Really!

Facial hair is a turn on for me atleast. I remmebered begging my ex(that same pig) to grow on. I waited like forever. It did grow. His beard atleast. But moustache didnt make it.He asked me what the hell am i gonna do with it. And i said many things…many things…. 




lol thats not a real qoute by the way!

4 thoughts on “Hair/Facial hair? Turn on?

  1. Eww, fuck it if i have to see a whole jungle…eh hem… you know….down there.. >P

    ARGH, please~ no body hair for me. Even mustaches or beards. They’re just plain sick to me X_X

  2. Loooool Diana…Not down there… loool…gosh…it just makes the whole process tougher,,i guess,,, after going thru the jungle..

  3. UH HUH 😀 Going through the jungle

    but being the visual person i am, when friends tells me their sexual experiences and how their partners are like, i tend to never look at them in the same way again =_=;;;;

    It’s just too much info D:

  4. haha
    i believe one should be creative in sex

    traditional indian wedding nights are fun
    there is a table full of indian sweets
    some incense sticks (no room spray?)
    a canopy bed full of strings of jasmine flowers hanging down like a curtain
    a woman in saree
    whole night you can strip the saree off her. Fun! Round and round we twirl her. By the time you get her off the saree, the sun will rise. Lol

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