MY BELLYDANCE VIDEO LESSON 1/ reloaded my video in 2nd post


This video was done at 2am at my house. Well, zelda feels bellydance is a great exercise. And i feel every woman should try it. I have covered some main moves here. And we tried to dance for an indian song. Tamil song to be exact. Even though i dont watch tamil movies much. I find tamilans can dance better than malayalees or any other indians from other states of india. Therefore, i admire them and i watch some videos some times.

The drum beats are faster and i feel they are more creative in making better dance moves than bollywood or even malayalam cinema for that matter!

Zelda has decided to learn bellydancing from me. Even though, i swear i am no expert. REALLY! But atleast i feel less lonely now i have Zelda.

Should i open a club?

Lol. Since it is a great form of exercise i felt our school should open a bellydancing club. Even though, i still am against performing in public. Mainly because some men have no manners and they feel we are entertaining them. I have had experience where people throw money. Really! We are not here to entertain you! And maybe we should come up with clothes which are less revealing or something. It really puts a dancer off when the audience treat you in such a strange manner?

My aim?

Maybe to try mixing indian and arabic dance to create a great style. Indians are famous for thier hip movements anyways! So by adding a shimmy here and there it might seem alot better?


After dancing the whole night, we watched the videos. And  to be honest, i felt awkward. I sound like a mother. Its so weird. Maybe i am so used to teaching people, it has already become a habit. Sometimes, i accidently do it with adults too. And i really dont mean it. But maybe its just the way i am. Zelda seems happy with it even though she admits its quite irritating smetimes. I cant blame myself, i mean they are like my younger sister’s age? And i am kinda old. Its hard for me to be like them. So i guess i will have to be real quiet next time.

Zelda and i did have a lot of fun and we did managed to finsih our art project among all the dancing. She admits i get hyper and distracted easily. I was jumping all night long singing a stupid song. Thats alot for an old lady. And Zelda told me i am looking old already. Haiz 😥 Maybe i should start buying some wrinkle creams, let me turn 25 and i will officialy get good anti wrinkle cream!

2 thoughts on “MY BELLYDANCE VIDEO LESSON 1/ reloaded my video in 2nd post

  1. this is how we spent our precious time foing art project. It was fun dancing tho. lol we’ll include u soon!

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