Well the interview at FSV, This is how i was before the interview

I had nothing much in mind actually. I didnt remmeber applying for this course. I called up the lady at ngee ann and she told me i got into FSV. I was a little disappointed as i wanted Mass Comm. I told myself i wasnt going. And i wasnt. Until, my evil elder sister and i had a fight and she was cursing me i would never ace any interview. Therefore, i got ready. I had no idea what was this course about. Saw a picture of some students holding cameras aimlessly. Read about media here and there and slept at 3am! I wanted to go to prove my sister that she is a pig!

Therefore i got ready. In business management, we are taught never to wear long earrings as they cause distractions. So, i put these on. I wore a pink office shirt. I was taught to wear lighter colours as darker colors can seem intimidating! I put on simple makeup, just as my previous course taught me. And i went


I stepped in. I am not exaggerating the scene. But looking at the reactions of the people there, i wanted to make a U- TURN, run away and NEVER return. Everyone was dressed casual. I was like… “IS THIS AN INTERVIEW OR A FISH MARKET?”. Then i realised…how olddd are theseee peopleee…..

The two ladies issuing some papers wasnt quite sure if i was the interviewer or interviewee. I could see they were pretty reluctant until i told them i came for an interview!


I quietly sat. With a file by my side. Slowly i took out my mobile phone. I needed to cry to somebody. I called my friend and told her how awkward i felt. I am sure i was dressed for the correct occasion. But seeing all of them sooo casual, really made me feel like an idiot! My mother was the 2nd victim. I told her i was coming back. I eyed young people with styrofoam boards full of pictures. I looked at my pathetic file of papers. Articles i had written… Why am i even carrying them for a course i need to be technical?


There was a man beside me. I didnt dare look up. I was already embarassed i looked old. And on top of that, i was over dressed comparing to the “fish mongers” in that place. Even the interviewers werent dressed like me. This European man was most probbaly my interviewer. I told myself i wasnt going to smile at anybody. I was already upset my portfolio isnt a portfolio and i know nothing about a film. The only thing can save me a seat in that course is my mouth!!


They called  me in. It was a win or lose situation. Anyway, i am going home to get myself some sleep after this. It was the man. He looked different from any european ive met. He had a cap? The same cap my daddy wears! We shook hands and i sat down. As he was talking, i continued observing him. His accent…naw not american…not english…German..? Doesnt sound like florian? Maybe french. Maybe Jewish. He had a cap. He doesnt sound like a israeli? Will he shoot me down if i bring up the article i wrote about the cartoons?

Then i rested on one conclusion. Definitely, french. I gave him whatever i wrote. He told me i was more cut out for mass comm.

Uh ho!

Voiceover: Thats why i am here man. I didnt get in there!!!

He asked that question. The very question my friend who is in film warned me about. WHAT IS YOUR IDEA OF FILM?

I was hell of a tempted to answer him. Film is what i put in my compact film camera. I smiled at him. As usual, i spoke TOOOOOOOOOO much.

Film. I poined to the articles i wrote to the CIMS society. All were pretty sensitive. I was telling him writers today atleast some of them, write in really hurtful manner. Some truths need to be packaged nicely. A writers job is to shed light on an issue not cause chaos. And if i were to be a film director i will make a movie that can show the most sensitive issue in the nicest possible manner to the public. Where nobody;s feelings will be hurt.

We continued talking. And he asked me another cliche question


I told him this. In a story, when an author describes a garden. He has a picture on his head. But when reader one and reader two reads that. Their pictures will not match what the author has in his head!

Whereas in a film. i recreate a scene that was in my mind. The emotions and everything will be displayed. And people will recieve it the way it was in my mind. That is the power of film.

He nodded. And i continued condemning singapore as usual. He was an “ANG MO” it would never concern him i guessed. I told him how hard is to make a movie in singapore. And its because of the strict government that a film maker can never get too creative. He agreed with me.

I was bored and decided to just keep talking. I mean conversations are nice. I was telling him what all i felt that moment. He was the only one in the room. I told him how can singaporean government expect someone to be creative if they give them rules and guidlines. And i was telling him how stupid of them to believe entrepreneurs will thrive in singapore if there are so many conventional thinkers. And every young singaporen is trained to be convention.

What is your favourite film?

Hmm. I didnt have a long list like Josh. I hardly watch films. And hollywood films, Never! My brain was trying to think of one good english movie i watched. Nothing came at that moment. Then i bursted out…GURU

I told him its bollywood. I think he asked me why i liked the film

I told him its a real story about an entrepreneur in india. Dhirubhai Ambani. He had only 50 rupees in his pocket when he came to bombay. He was uneducated yet he shook the businnes world of india. And i told him something else.

Sab: Do you know whats the difference between an educated and an uneducated person? Educated people are those who sit in brightly lit rooms. They can see the dangers surrounding them. The good and the bad. Uneducated peopleare like those in dark room. They cannot see the danger nor the good. And the reason why many uneducated people become entrepreneurs is because, they step without looking or thinking. In other words, they take risks. Whereas an educated person measues and thinks too much. I like the way the movie portrayed that!

He told me i must watch different type of films. At that point, i wasnt think of anything? In my mind, are you reffering to french films? It is only now i know there are experimental and many other types of films.

I remembered him ending off with him having israeli friends. I think i was speaking about palestine for some reason. In my mind, a small conclusion formed. This man must be jewish. The cap says it all. What is the significance of the cap? I dare not ask? Are you hiding patch of baldness or something (please forgive me, my dad does that). I was hoping he would remove that cap. Maybe he is really jewish! Jewish french. He doesnt sound like an israeli. I know how they speak? He told me the next section will be easy. That was where i met Eugene…

I left the interview, telling myself, i would never get in. I thought halfway through the interview. The moment he kept asking me, what i wanted to do in the media field and the fact he told me i am more mass comm, i tolf myself its a goner. Lol. I wanted to occupy my time and speak to someone. Just anyone. I never thought i would get selected.

But i did! Naw i wasnt shocked. I just thanked God and the jewish man for pitying me and giving me this seat.

I thanked the jewish man in my heart. I really dont want to see him again. Partly, i am embarrased. I spoke too much. And i think, back of his mind , he probably thought this girl will never stop talking…

And i see him in FMS block.I want to thank him. But i dare not. He looks like my father for some reason. The cap and all. And the emabarssments of the interview come back to me. I am sure he remmebers me. Whenever i see him, i run away…


NEVER! NEVER talk toooo much even if u believe you will never ace that interview. And i didnt bother asking my interviewer’s name even though i am very grateful to him. I had nicknamed him THE JEWISH MAN. And thank you very much JEWISH MAN,

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