I was mistaken for a prostitute? Judging a person by her face?



That was quite alot of $lutty posing. Why do you think i would do that? I was curious. I was stopped by an old chinese man, about 65 years in this lonely shopping center and from the way he was suggesting to me, he mistook me for a PROSTITUTE! And this pictures are a result of me analyzing my ownself if i looked like one?

I just kept smiling, and i was ready to give him a tight slap. I was not dressed badly at all. In fact,i always have a shawl on my bosom and i am sure my whole class knows that. I was so baffled i kept wondering what made him think i was that.

And i recalled the comments of people from my past. My face. I never was blessed with a good face. There is a saying in the indian language, a person’s heart is reflected on the face. In my case, its not! No one ever trusted me for some reason. My ex(the only idiot i ever loved) was so suspicious of me because of the way i look. I never had much girlfriends back at school. For some reason,they thought i stole their boyfriend?  Tobe honest, i was a loner in school. My friends were all guys. That was how i developed a love for soccer!

There was an incident when this loser was trying to flirt with shirin me and feroza. That guy was hell of a good to shirin and feroza as they looked like angels. And to me, he was inviting me to his bedroom. And he even told me not to tell this to my friends. The best part, i am the most religious of the three!

There were times, i tried to hide the way i look by cleverly dressing! I started wearing long skirts and looking cheery and “good”. Then i came across my mom’s old picture. She didnt have a good person’s look either.But lucky for her, she looked sexy! Then i thought, since i cant ever change the way i look. I will just be the way i am.

That was when i got a pair of slutty earrings and let myself be the way i am. People are quick to judge a person by their face. Or from the way they look. I came across a malayalee guy. I call him kuttu. He looks really sexy! A type of guy any girl wont mind having a one night stand with!  But, who would trust such a face. He looked like a real flirt.There were times i suspected him of being someone bad.I remembered times when i hurt his feelings so bad, i think he even cried!  When i realised my behaviour, i learnt how quick i was to judge people.

I had a guy friend, who looked like a  “goody two shoes”. We spoke alot and shared our ideologies. Then, i began to see his other side. Sometimes people who look nice arent always the nice guys. And people who have a villainious face like me, are not always bad!

My face got me into alot of trouble. But i am used to it. My ex(the same idiot i wrote the letter to) took a long time to gain trust in me. He would never believe i am a loyal person. There were times i felt upset about it. Like, why isnt my face like pamela’s. She looks like an angel and i look like some bar top dancer!! Even if i were to say,”i am really good!”. People just laugh.Another person who has an unfortunate face like mine, is poor Seri. When i looked at her, my 1st impression was that she is a flirt. But she is such a good girl! Really! 

My face never did earn me friends. It did earn me alot of unwanted attention. Like the old man at the mall. I felt like dragging him to a corner and rape him upside down to teach him a lesson! But i think he would have died. Never judge a person by the face. Looks can be decieving. Its aways better to judge that person by the character than the look!

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