PARA PARA FANS OUT THERE! download your favorite songs!

I saw a nice post of Diana about para para. A thing i was crazy about when i was 15 years old until they chased me out as i was under aged. Seeing Mr Ryan dancing, made me feel like running back to sun plaza and dance to those familiar songs. But, i feel like i am kinda old for that now. So

download your para para MP3’S FROM THIS LINK!!!


And i am now dancing in my own room, in the bathroom, everywhere in the house where no one can see me ๐Ÿ™‚ I love these songs! I would listen to them when i am exercising on my elliptical trainer!ย I used to alwaysย lose when this song “NIGHT of fire” comes. Maybe, i would buy my own arcade one day and dance to para para till i drop dead.

My Poor sister shabana fainted once from dancing too much! The girl in pink below posing beside the fatty rabbit is my elder sister Zareena who looks just like me! Thats what people say! And she doesnt know how to use msn LooooooL


(My sis Zareena)

I bursted out to my dad that life is short and i should just go and play para para. Maybe, i can drag a kid along, and play using the kid as an excuse, so people wont laugh at me! And my dad said, “Shanu! Where do you get such evil ideas from?”

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