Archetypes and analysing people   I am opening this character game to everyone. The aim of this game, is to dissect yourself into the many characters that are in you. I am going to use the tool ARCHETYPES. Archetypes are grouping people onto broad categories. Studying people had always been part of my life. Whether its a new friend or a teacher, I find new ways in looking at them Arwa and i had another resourceful conversation. Apparently, her sister who is a psychologist was reading a book about archetypes. And there are 12 archetypes in a person. We are born with four. The four are Child, prostitute, victim and Saboteur. And 8 are chosen by us. Archetypes are like characters in you, the different types of characters. Are you thief, beggar, king, prostitute or knight? And this is why we behave different to different people.

So after much reading, I decided to analyze myself  Before i begin unmasking myself, let me give you a clearer idea. When i say you are a beggar, it does not mean you are in need of money. It means you beg for attention, love or recognition. Or when i say Prostitute, i don’t mean it any sexual way. What i mean is, when we want to get a job we sell ourselves or we sell our projects so our teachers would give us marks.  And the idea is to find out what are the 8 primary archetypes that make YOU up! Dissect yourself and explore who you are. This can be fun. Characters are created by mixing a few archetypes.

 Imagine creating someone so powerful yet weak. The character of Moll flanders who is known to be resourceful can also be defined as a mixture of very interesting archetypes.

For those, who want to play the game, leave me a comment. The rules are to find the 8 primary archetypes in you and how one archetype could have led to another.  

Unmasking Sabreena…

I had experienced some difficulty in classifying myself as some archetypes are so similar that i have merged them. So i have sort out 8 of them. Another piece of advice is, when choosing; choose what you are and not what you want others to think you are. With that in mind, i shall start listing. Sometimes one archetype can lead to another, explaining how you become a certain character.  

CHILD-INNOCENTA innocent child believes everything is possible. This archetype is gifted with the power of imagination. When this archetype gets injured, they can get pretty pessimistic. In my case, it is quite true. I believe everything is possible and i keep trying every possible way to attain something. And there was a phase, when i became cynical and pessimistic. Or if you get hurt by something, you don’t dare cross that path again. In that way, i believe this is a primary part of me. 

MOTHERThe Mother is the life-giver, the source of nurturing and nourishment, unconditional fountain of love, patience, devotion, caring, and unselfish acts. I am a mother to everyone I love. Whether it is my friends or my family. A mother can be forceful sometimes in the hope of doing some good for you. In that way, I am quite like that. I can be very generous with love, sometimes too generous until people take advantage of it. Motherly characters fall for pity easily. I never fall for flattery but when it comes to pity or sympathy, I can fall pretty badly. And that ended me up in disastrous situations.

GODDESSThe Goddess can be inspiring to women, embodying wisdom, guidance, physical grace, athletic prowess, and sensuality. Xena the warrior princess falls under this same category. People with this archetype are strong and capable, yet they are able to hold their feminity I have a rebellious leadership quality in me, and I find I inspire a lot of people. And yet people who follow me, like the motherly nature I possess. And if i want to further classify this archetype, i fall under the category of Mother. Even though, i can be pretty strong and capable there is a soft side in me. And most mommies are xena the warrior princesses, they certainly have some authority on us, 

HEALER-The Healer archetype manifests as a passion to serve others in the form of repairing the body, mind, and spirit. Some people, by their very nature and personality, are able to inspire others to release their painful histories or make changes in their lives that redirect the course of their future. Essential characteristics include an inherent strength and the ability to assist people in transforming their pain into a healing process, as well as having the “wiring” required to channel the energy needed to generate physical or emotional changes. All my life, i have tried helping many types of people. And sometimes, i try to change their negativity to positivity, I believe everyone can be helped and I find myself dedicating myself to this role. Sometimes, when frustration sinks in I can resort to force just in a hope to free a person from his inner demons. It works with some. But sometimes, you can only help those who wants to help themselves. The earlier archetypes of goddess and mother may have led to this thirst to help people and in turn created the archetype of HEALER in me.  

TEACHER-Teaching is the art of communicating knowledge, experience, skill, and wisdom to another. Teaching, or offering instruction of any kind, can manifest through parental guidance, business apprenticeship, or by inspired instruction in ethics or kindness. To determine whether this archetype is part of your support team, ask yourself if others look to you as a teacher in any situation. Are you the one that others seek out for the richness of your experience, or to teach them the ropes? Sometimes, i learn so much that i teach others what i learn. More of sharing of knowledge. And i find people, who come to me and ask me to share my experience or show them a new viewpoint. And i make an extra effort in letting them see I used to do a lot of this under CIMS society. I have often seen myself educating people from my experiences. And my students can be from various age groups and I guess to be a good teacher, you must always consider yourself a student who believes that the path of learning never ends. This archetype could have been created from healer, where I always found the need to help people and  I thought of helping others reveal their problems by sharing my experiences and teaching them how I dealt with it.  

PIONEER-The Pioneer is called to discover and explore new lands, whether that territory is external or internal .Even initiating new fashions, art, music, or literature may qualify as expressions of this archetype. The core ingredient is innovation–doing and creating what has not been done before I see myself in this, sometimes i break free and search or innovate. Whether it is a topic that is said to have been explored, i go in and see if there it can be innovated or find a new way in seeing something. I have been doing this all my life. Sometimes, i end up with perspectives that weren’t there or never thought of. Or to be more accurate, afraid to have been voiced out. It doesn’t always refer to worldly topics, sometimes it can be even exploring yourself or exploring past issues to see new things. The pioneer is not very connected to the above archetypes, maybe a little to Goddess.    

ADDICT– This does not refer to somone who is addicted to drinks or cigarettes. Someone with an obsessive nature who gets addicted to a subject and the negative impact is when this person neglects relationships, family to pursue this sudden new interest. I guess this some close to my obsessive nature. There are times, when i am absorbed in a certain topic and people cannot find me when they need me. There was once i was obsessed with a guy. I was so deep into analyzing him, that neglected really important things. This addiction usually could happen when I am obsessed in exploring a new territory. So, it is all linked together and how one archetype can affect another archetype in you.    

LIBERATOR+REBEL+ADVOCATEI am all three. Let be write description for each three

ADVOCATE-The Advocate embodies a sense of life-long devotion to championing the rights of others in the public arena. People who relate to this archetype have recognized early on a passion to transform social concerns, specifically in behalf of others 

LIBERATOR-helping to liberate us from the tyranny of self-inflicted negative thought patterns and beliefs, spiritual sluggishness, poor nutrition, destructive relationships, or addictive behavior. This archetype can be an invaluable ally in helping to free us from old, entrenched beliefs and attitudes

REBEL-Rebel in a support group can be a powerful aid in helping the group break out of old tribal patterns I am a advocate in especially fighting for rights. Whether its about the people from Africa or a poor guy in need of a seat in a bus. I often find myself lending my voice to people whom I think their rights have been trampled on. People often ask me, why do I bother when others don’t. And they feel I cause myself unnecessary worry. And I am usually not afraid to voice myself out.This in turn, makes me a liberator. Everyone ends up under a tyrant in some part of his or her life. Or being under the tyranny of cultural beliefs that can be quite cruel. And that’s what I do, I fight with my people to free them from the darkness of superstious beliefs. And I remember, my uncle sending this religious guy from kerala, in the hope to brainwash me. And I sat down patiently with him, telling him my viewpoints and evidences to prove to him why I do not believe some cultural stupidity created by old ancestors. A nice example is not being allowed to cut nails when you are menstruating. Therefore, I became a rebel in the eyes of tyrannical people. I search for evidences to open people’s eyes and change their thoughts permanently. Therefore, in this way I become a rebel. 

When  I have dissected myself, I realize there is a pattern to how my character might have been formed. Even though, the archetypes might seem bizarre when compared to one another, when you analyze them you realize how one archetype could have created another archetype in you.  This is the same with creating stories for your books or stories. You can throw a few archetypes, but they should have some form of link. If you see my character, I am a mother, rebel, child, goddess, healer and teacher. And I arranged it in such a way to see how I ended up being me.I know this had been long. It is a fun activity,

 I suggest all of you people try it . So those who are up to the challenge, leave me a comment. And I would send you a file of different archetypes..

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