A story of a bomb 

Everywhere i fall I cause destruction

People say they use me

To fight oppression 

But everytime i am used

I see people suffering

I do not mean to make their heads fly

Or break their arms

Or make their flesh burn 

It isnt my fault is it?

Im only a bomb

Isnt it my nature to explode? 

She sees and smiles

She knows she will attain her desire by using me

I am helpless in her hands

I try my best not to explode

Controlling and fighting against nature

But she continues to kindle the fire within me 

Adding fuel and more fuel I try to stop myself

I do not wish to hurt anyone

i have to stop myself 

But she throws me

I fall helpless to the ground

I explode

Shaking the whole world around me

The whole atmosphere lighted a blinding bright orange

I see people in agony

Screaming and crying in pain

But the blast drowns their screams 

Their heads detach from their body

Flesh begins to burn

People’s arms and legs scattered in pools and pools of thick crimson blood 

I see the people i love among them

I can barely recognise their faces

Broken, because of my explosive nature

They look at me in pain

Their eyes firing a thousand questions

Questions their lips cannot utter

 I am a mere bomb

I am made to explode

Can i go against nature?

Could i prevent myself from hurting people

I really dont know… 

Sometimes I wish people stop using me

I am no solution to any problem

In fact im a starting spark of any problem

Everywhere my kind goes

Destruction follows

Why am I created as a tool of destruction? 

God created every creature for a good purpose

But Man created me to destroy his own people

Sometimes I wish my kind disappear from the face of the earth

So that we cant hurt anyone

And no one would use us to hurt others  

You might be wondering, why would i link my reflection to a disturbing piece of my writing. I have opened it for intrepretation to see how people react to a piece i wrote with many intentions.

Now for the reflection. This will be my last reflection. But certainly not my last post. I realised how blogging helps me compile all the little studies i do on certain subjects. It did save me quite a lot of space in my room. I can finally get rid of all the files and papers i used to compile for my tiny researches.

Today, Mr. Ryan let us read some of the interesting story assignments from previous students.

Reflection on the stories

The first story was about a man in a santa claus costume listening to the wishes of young children. Even though, this story is very touching. The author in many areas revealed what was going on in the character’s mind. Therefore, if its put in visual form, it will be quite hard to act out.  The 2nd story was more sucessful. Most of the character’s thoughts and actions were acted out using dialouges. Therefore, one can imagine the scene going on. The 3rd one was particularly disturbing. A story that clings onto your mind and manages to live on, mainly because its opened to many intrepretations. And everytime you read it, you find something new! But this story, though interesting and resourceful, is very hard to be acted out in visual form. As a story it manages to captivate you, but in visual form, it can fail quite badly,

So what is film? Acting out a story to put it in simplest words. There is no room for thoughts going on in the character’s mind. The whole movie cant run on voiceovers? And the actions must be effective that you dont use many actions to convey one message.

When i was acting out the role with Eugene. Mr. Ryan pointed out a very interesting point that i used many actions to convey the message that i desire Eugene when i could have used one simple action, Bryan’s example of playing footsie. Maybe, i intrepreted the meaning of desire different from Bryan. My idea of desire at that point was liking Eugene and conveying that message to him by trying to hold his hands instead of directly telling Eugene that i like him. And a sudden thought came up my mind. Even in reality, if we were to like someone, how many of us boldly goes up to him and tell him, “I LIKE YOU!!!”. We try to hint through our actions. That was when i realised, words become powerless if proper actions arent used! I can say ” I like you!” with all the emotions in the world, but the tiny action of trying to desperately hold Eugene’s hand, can convey how much i desire him. And the very fact he doesnt notice that, makes me frustrated. And the main idea is to use the perfect action to convey your message instead of many actions which can end up misleading.

I also realised actions must be realistic and the accompanying dialouge must be delivered naturally that it can touch the viewers. And make them move along the story. That also reminded me of some things i learnt from Art and Film Art class. The mis en scene (Melanie can pronounce that better). Everything to do with the scene to convey the right emotions.

Acting out a scene without dialouges proved to be a challenge, especially when we were told to act naturally.

Linking back to story no. 3

Story number 3, told many scenes that could only be imagined with the author but not seen or felt physcially. How would we act out some of the parts of this story. We possibily cant. Some of us may feel handicapped when we feel deprived off descriptive words which aided us so much when we tried to tell what a character thinks. How do we make a character act out what is going on in his head. Like the scene, jacky’s group had to play. Jacky initially showed happiness and then his expression darkens. And he walks away, leaving pregnant Shu hui in pain. The change of expression is crucial in telling us something is wrong. And Shu hui crying in pain holding her belly (even though it didnt happened, as poor shu hui was shocked by Ben’s cruel action), tells us she is pregnant. And audience, link the pregnancy to the change of expression in Jacky and the mind concludes Jacky thinks the baby isnt his.

And again, i remmeber film art, where there was this passage i read that told us the audience play and intrepret the images as the movie moves along. Our mind is alert and trying to piece out the information given to us as the movie continues. Therefore, even if your dialouge is excellent, if proper actions(information) isnt given to your audience, your story makes no sense to the viewers.

reflection on symbolic images

Mr. Ryan also informed us about symbolic images or Motifs. Symbolic action in Josh’s group was the wedding ring. We can immediatley understand a proposal will be made. The excitement in Pamela’s face tells us she is very happy about it. Josh’s upset look tell us he thinks opposite to what Pamela does. And when he walks away, we immediately realise he is unhappy with the relationship and rejects the proposal.

These symbolic images is like a langauge the film maker and the audience share, One action can immediatley tell us a meaning in a straight forward manner. And it saves alot of unwanted actions.

The third story was very symbolic, even though to be honest, i didnt get anything they were saying about “Pretty women” and Julia Roberts, mainly because i hardly watch hollywood films or any film to be honest. I still prefer reading books! Mr.Ryan was very right when he said the author assumes the reader knows and follows along and leaves you behind if you cant keep up with him or her. I think i was left behind the moment Julia Roberts appeared. I didnt watch the film, but i am atleast glad i know who Julia Roberts is!

Audience are like naive people.Everything needs to be told. It can be in form of symbolic actions or dialouges. We can never assume they would know what we know. Even the simplest action needs to be acted out correctly. Talking about actions literally acted out and symbolic images reminded me of watching indian movies, where the young heroine loses her virginity, but they never show any adult scenes. But the scene would show a flower falling on thorns. Or, a saree getting torn by thorns. Then, the next scene shows the heroine messy and crying out of regret and then some wise old lady comes with this dialouge, “Even if the flower falls on the thorn, or the thorn falls on the flower, the flower is the one affected in the end”. End of scene. When i watch Hollywood movies, i am not condemning them, just comparing them, they literally show the scene out. There are not much of symbols used. But you feel less for that scene. When i was younger,i used to think European people had less emotions. They dont cry much or wail like Indians do. The European actress acting the role of a mother who loses her son, seems more composed in her crying than an Indian actress doing the same role tearing her clothes and crying. And i used to wonder, when i was younger, the people there must be really good in controlling how they feel. Maybe, its like what Melanie says, culture and background. They dont cry as much as indians do?

But when an European, watches an emotional indian movie, they ask this question “Why is that woman crying over a dead cow! Its just a cow!”. And to them, we seem like overly emotional people. The same scene of shu hui would have beem amplified thrice as much as she did, Shu hui, would end up dragging herself on the floor and crying, “Hubby!! Pleaaaassseeee ccooooommmmeeee baaacccck!”. This may seem too much for hollywood. And they may start questioning, “Are all indian wives full of drama?” But for indians, it may seem perfectly fine!

I do feel, the symbol of the flower and thorn is more powerful than literally showing out. It is just like the 3rd story, we are left to imagine. And it creates a sort bigger impact when we see it so artistically being displayed.

Another thing, i realise as i was talking with my elder sister Zareena is that scenes happen in real life too. Like a story, as in whatever the character thinks being written down in ink can be connected to a person. A person and his conscience. That voiceover on our head. Two people fighting and exchanging fiery dialouges and a third party watching. The third party is the audience, he probably doesnt know what caused the fight. But he is trying to read cues from the actions and dialouges delivered by the 2 people in an argument and his mind is piecing  out what could have happened! This is really how film works. God doesnt hand us a story, where i can literally read out the speech bubbles forming above people’s heads!

Its time to end my reflection, its getting long. The conclusion is, actions are important. Thats what i have been reflecting in many angles as possible.

Talking about symbols? How many things can the symbols in my “story of the bomb” tell you? What do you think i am trying to tell here. 🙂


    Very well done!

    No problem!
    I will continue to update my blog from time to time.
    And you’d better too!

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