This retarded drawing is a remake of what i did when i was four years old. Looking back, i asked myself why do i draw my characters without any bodies? Why do they have no noses? Few years back, i came across a book that children’s drawings speak volumes of psychology. If you observe a child’s drawing you are able to tell whether they are being abused. That reminds me of what my elder sister Zareena did in her kindergarten classes. She colored everything black. And the teacher called up my mother. My mother told my sister that black is the color of Satan. But my sister was fascinated with this particular color. Not because of abuse, maybe it had something to do with her subconscious?

A drawing of a house without doors, it usually means the child is insecure.   COLORS-If a child who has previously used and enjoyed color in her artwork exhibits a sudden and extended rejection of color in favor of black or gray, she may be in a state of denial or apathy.


If a child scribbles over a drawing with black lines, she may be trying to erase her drawing or make it invisible. If the scribbles were done while a parent or other adult was speaking with the child, it can indicate that the conversation was somehow painful to the child

FEETLESS?-If the drawings of the child are feetless. It usually means the child is insecure. But if you find the child’s character floating in the air. It means that character has importance.

EARS-Exceptionally large ears, unadorned by earrings, can indicate verbal abuse. Sometimes the child will draw lines leading to the ears, to demonstrate the abusive tone she frequently encounters. MOUTH- An anxious, uncomfortable child may represent the mouth with a long slit. On the other hand, if the child does not draw a mouth at all, it may be a sign of his inability to communicate.EYES-When a child draws “empty” eyes, it may mean that she has difficulty relating to the reality around her. In a sense, the child is blind to reality

TEETH JAGGERED?-Jagged teeth frequently indicate a tendency toward aggressive behavior, especially when coupled with other serrated graphic symbols such as spiked fingers, feet, ears, and hair.

There was a particular case where a sexually abused child kept drawing a bed outside a house and kept saying “This is where it happened!”. And later, they found out that this child was raped by a friend of her brother.

Children draw out feelings they cant express. And we can tap into their minds looking at their drawings?

My friend Florian came from a single parent family. He told me, he never drew his father in his pictures. At a tender age, he is able to comprehend the divorce between his parents. And he would draw all other family members, Mother, brother and grandparents. Even though, the grandmother isnt living with them. Why omit the father? Do children know more than we think they do?

This is another drawing i clearly remmebered drawing in primary school. I remade it to show you people. Its weird that my sun and clouds are wearing shades.  O, why is my cloud drinking coke? Clouds produce rain, they never get dehydrated. So why the drink? Sun gives out light and never needs shading from itself, So why the shades? Could young Sabreena be trying to convey some message? Or were my clouds and sun really being coooool!

Doodling by adults mean anything?

Its just doodling! I dont think i could just brush it off that way. The common things i doodle, espcially in class, until Zelda got irritated by it, are EYES. BIG BIG EYES, FULL OF EXPRESSION AND LASHES. There are pages and pages of eyes in my notebooks and papers? Another common thing i doodle are CUBES? I used to be so disturbed my these common doodles that appear on my notebook. I asked myself WHY? If child art spoke volumes about the mind, do doodles mean anything?Then i searched. I couldnt doodle in peace anymore, i needed answers. So i searched. 

Triangles are the second most common universal doodles. They reveal a rational state of mind and a desire to see things come to a head. 


Trees represent our egos and our ambitions, so take particular note of the health of the tree! Trees with leaves and fruit indicate that the doodler associates love, sex, and children together. Bare, drooping branches indicate depression and lack of fighting spirit. Rootless trees may indicate that the doodler feels him or herself to be without roots. 


Doodling only profiles indicates that the doodler doesn’t like the way he or she looks, or feels s/he can’t draw well. In full-proportion drawings, not drawing hands indicates a feeling of being unable to do things; no feet indicates a feeling of not belonging or not having roots. The face is important: smiles are desirable, obviously, and frowns are not. Missing parts of the face indicate a person who feels fragmented, not whole, or faceless. Accentuating or drawing only eyes indicates a cautious, suspicious doodler. Doodles of ears usually means that the doodler feels they have to listen too much to someone. 

Doodling houses and money?

According to Dr Burns, “if you find yourself doodling pictures of houses, you probably place a high value on shelter and security”. Other symbols too are strong indications of things which an individual values most. For example, numbers and dollar signs indicate a preoccupation with money. Planes, cars, ships, and other vehicles may indicate a desire to travel, alter relationships, or change one’s life.

Doodling and sex?

Dr Burns observes that “a preoccupation with sexuality usually shows up in figures whose genital areas are emphasised and heavily shaded or in the repeated use of classic sexual symbols such as snakes, candles, or darts striking a target”. The moment i read about this part, i remembred Josh and his tomb raider in Arts class. But again, that wasnt doodling. It was his idea of an ideal woman. And i remmeber telling him that breasts DO NOT defy the law of gravity. Most of the women’s breasts he drew had an ability to withstand gravity and looked as if the woman sprouted two giant basketballs from her chest? THE GRAND QUESTION?


According to Robert Burns, people who doodle eyes are vigilant and in severe cases they may be paranoid. I have been doodling eyes for very long time. And people who doodle eyes are observant. Is that why i observe everything? Paranoia to a certain extent yes, when i was younger. What about cubes? I was very worried when i doodled cubes. I thought there was a problem with me. Doodling cubes are very common. But its strange, for a female i am doodling a geomatrical shape?  


Boxes and cubes are universally the most common doodles. They indicate a desire to be constructive. If they’re three-dimensional, they indicate an ability or an attempt to see all sides of an issue.

Another intrepretation for CUBES

Drawing cubes is a common sign of feeling trapped and powerless to resolve a situation. Combined with round shapes and spirals cubes often signify that the doodler really would rather be somewhere else at that particular moment doing soemthing at lot more interesting.It is true that my cubes are three dimensional. And i do agree, i attempt to see all sides of a situation. Something i was struggling with, in my earlier years.  And i agree with the 2nd intrepretation where i feel powerless over a situation. I draw cubes usually when i am disturbed or in deep thought.

An interesting tip, The SOMA cube was created by student Piet Hian from Denmark when he was doodling in one of his lectures? Funny isnt it?

So what do you doodle? 


Animal doodlers are usually sensitive to living creatures. What sort of animal they doodle speaks volumes as to the mood of the doodler and, often, the type of person they’d like to be. Doodles of weak, passive or small animals indicate slowness, a lack of self-confidence, and more introverted tendencies. Doodles of aggressive animals represent feelings of assertiveness. Doodles of fun-loving animals indicate a playful doodler, of slow animals a more plodding, contemplative personality, etc. 


Stars indicate a feeling of hopefulness, a looking forward or up to things, and optimism. 


Flowers represent our feminine side, and a desire to see growth, nature, and reproduction. If flowers are in an arrangement, it denotes a sense of family and togetherness. McNichol writes that Jung believed dreams of flowers suggest a need to release emotion people feel unable to express openly. 

Houses or buildings

These represent the doodler’s attitude toward his or her home life. Houses definitely ought to have doors and windows which indicate that there’s a way for the resident to see out and for others to see into him. A warm, inviting house–one that looks lived in, perhaps with smoke curling from the chimney–suggests the doodler has a happy and positive attitude toward his home life. Stark, unadorned or haphazard houses indicate uneasy associations with the doodler’s home life.


Drawing things to eat or drink indicates a need for love, or a desire to be filled up–or thirst or hunger.CirclesSince they’re made with round movements, circles indicate a more passive feeling than angles. They’re associated with feeling sociable, talkative and friendly, with a desire to be flexible and loving.

Transportation methods

Doodles of any form of transportation represent a desire to get away or to reach a goal. The faster the type of vehicle, the greater haste to make a point or speed away.


Arrows indicate feelings of ambitiousness, drive, and motivation.


The doodler has love on the brain.

Here comes the interesting question? What do you doodle? What do FSV people doodle? What does my teachers doodle? Care to share?

And why do i type with TWO FINGERS??? Thats my new question to myself!


  1. You have a lovely blog (you write wonderfully and I agree with a ton of the things you say)!
    If you don’t mind, I plan on taking some of this information (mainly what doodling eyes means, since I do that A LOT. I googled what it meant and bumped into your blog) and posting it on my own blog.

  2. Hey no problem. All the info here to benefit all of you. Thats why the blog is public..Atleast you are kind enough to tell me 😀

  3. My childs draws myself his mother my husband his father with happy faces , himself and his brother with blank faces.

    What does this mean

  4. Hi there Kate
    I am so sorry for late reply. I had been thinking about what your worte. Honestly, i am not a therapist but i like reading and researching on this topic. From what i can gather from my knwoledge, what i think is
    the child feels a strong need to grow up. Like drawing the adults with a happy face…and the children with a blank fcae could mean…she feels being an adult is much happier.
    Maybe because she thinnks, as an adult you can do alot more than a child.
    What type of toys does she play with?
    This is quite normal actually if its this case. But do observe more of her drawings.
    Take care


  5. Hi,
    My son is a very happy kid.He does not fuzz ove anything. His drawing I don’t understand. He draws all weird shapes without legs and hands with 2 big eyes and an smily mouth what does that mean. He fills the page with all drawing s without any space and tells lot of stories about the “characters” (he calls his drawing characters). Pls help me to analyze his drawing. I would really appreciate it if u send it to my e-mail.

  6. i realy liked ur page…i do doddle eyes,starsn cubes a loooooooot…n i think wat u interprete is true in many ways…i wud love to learn more on this topic.i have an eleven year old brother n i will observe his drawings.thank u

  7. i was just looking up the meanings how house drawing and found this blog. very interesting, although my daughter isn’t old enough to hold a crayon yet, i consider myself somewhat of an artist and doodle a LOT. 🙂 i usually doodle eyes, figures with no hands or feet, small meek animals, dark trees with no leaves. many of the male figures i draw have facial piercings lol what’s that about? 😛

  8. Hey. This is really confusing. My 4 year old sister keeps drawing things but with everything she draws, she draws a door next to it. For example she drew me a picture of me, and then drew a door next to it. I was told by my father that she does it on everything and he showed me a couple more of her pictures. I would really appreciate a reply, but could you pleease reply to my email

  9. Thank you so much for your blog. I have a 4 year old boy at home. Me and his father are not together & I’m now engaged to a wonderful man. I constantly worry about my son and his relationship with his father. Thee other night we were coloring and he said he wanted to draw a picture of his dad. He became really upset while he was drawing him. When he was done he drew his father with no hands and no feet. Then he scribbled through the picture violently. I was caught off guard. I didn’t expect that & didn’t know what his drawing meant. Thank you so much for your blog. I now have a better understanding of whats wrong with the relationship betweeen my son and his father so I can help him. Thank you again.

  10. i draw a lot and even have taken a course on drawing but when i doodle i tend to draw half a face – one eye a shades area of nose and a mouth with a corner of the mouth edging to a smile ( and all of this is normally on the right hand side) oh and i dont draw a outline of the face either

    could you tell me what this means i tried finding out but nothing really comes up

  11. Hi,
    I most of the times doodle with irregular shapes & different designs which dont have any meanings. Pls tel me wat does tis mean, wat it represents.

  12. hi, i keep doodling faces, especially ‘girly’ faces. can u tell me what is the meaning of this and why am doodling so?

  13. Hello,
    I am researching this topic for an extended project at college and I would like to know if there are any useful sources or books you could refer me to on the subject of the psychology of childrens drawings?

    Much appreciated!

    • hi , i am also doing a project at college and I would like to know if there are any useful sources or books you were refer to on the subject of the psychology of childrens drawings?
      thanks in advance.

  14. My 6 year old has been drawing battle scenes with people bleeding. What does this mean. He has had night terrors all his life, if this helps. He also exhibits mood swings. There is a history of both mental illness and ADHD in the family. He has a relatively “stable” homelife.

    • If your son is having night terrors and sometimes tells you stories about battles and how he died, he may be recalling memories of his past life.

    • what kind of cartoons and movies and games does your child watch! If it is violent, then that is the reason he is drawing and dreaming about bleeding people and have bad dreams!


  16. I’m so happy I found this blog of urs. I have been doodling eyes and 3 dimesional boxes for as long as I can remember and inbetween those years I have tried to find out if there was any psychological link and amazingly nobody knew nothing.

    I chanced upon ur blog when I googled “psychological meaning to drawing of eyes”. Yes I had no idea it was even called doodling.

    However I tried to pay more attention to my state of mind anytimeI caught myself doodling and I realised that I doodles eyes at times when I am disturbed and trying to think of a way out of a very sticky situation.

    Again I turned to doodled eyes into details with lashes and all when I am not so comfortable with certain action plans I am deliberating on.

    I totally agree with all your explanations cos I experience about all of them.

    Thank you so much.

  17. i used to draw little cartoon boys with big eyes,just eyes and agressive wolves snarling…now looking at it i am anti social and the phycology person was scared i also have an expressionless face and find it difficult to comunicate.

  18. Hello,
    My friend drew a picture of me as a man (I’m a girl) with “empty” eyes and I am worried about her. I’ve seen other things that she’s drawn and most of her drawings contain people with no faces. If it means anything, her parents have been divorced for most of her life (12 years). If you can tell me anything more about what this means that would be absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Sage. I am not a psychologist. But i suspect that she might be having an identity crisis, possibily because her parents are divorced. I am deducing this from the empty eye sockets and faceless people your friend has drawn. Another possibility could be the eyeless drawings could mean, she chooses not to see things as it is. And its a way of coping where seeing reality hurts. I hope this helps…

  19. hi,everything what i just read is really interting comparing to other investigations. my son is 13yrs he is sweet,calm,obidient i have never had any problem with him.A litle on his school but nothing to be scared but i wonder is ok that he always to him self he has friends but not many i know all his friends and is not them i hust now something is wrong i dont know what it is he dosent laugh he is antisocial even with his own family and he loves to draw comic characters he dosent use colors just pencil and he is a great drawing.

  20. I’m always doodling cubes. cubes are the only thing i draw when i have a paper and a pen in front of me!..and hearts i draw sometimes but mostly it’s heart with an arrow , a broken heart and i draw the cross . i just want to know what all this means!

  21. First of all, what lovely drawings 🙂 The sun wearing the shades wa adorable! ^…^

    I came across your blog while looking for an explanation to a frequent phenominan in my childhood drawings. It seems that no matter what i would doodle ( whether it be windows, swing sets, or cats), I would incorperate a straight, thick black line into my drawing. Even in times where it was unecesary I would fit a black line into the picture.

    Can anyone help me understand why I did this? I don’t have the clearest memory and even though it was just a few years ago I can not recall what I was thinking.

  22. I love your blog,it really helps me al0t understanding a child’s doodle.Especially now that I have twin daughters..
    I am an undergraduate of psychology,and I’m planning to continue my college.So this is a great way to refresh my memory..Thanks!And keep it up!

  23. hi, i was looking for information on doodling crosses. i’ve been constantly drawing crosses for 8 years. i was wondering if you knew the meaning of drawing crosses? thanx lavinia

    • This really depends. If you have been deeply religious it could mean something along those lines. According to Carl Jung, each symbol means differently for each person. You may have been affected by this particular symbol in some way, and your subconscious is trying to tell you something.

  24. This is a very informative post! Thanks!

    I have a blog by the name of Little Sketchers. (

    Art, I believe is not only therapeutic but also a great way to help children retain more in terms of their education. Art reveals a lot about what is going on in that tiny mind!

    Little Sketchers is my ‘little’ effort to enable parents to cherish the creative endeavors of their children!

    Would really be a pleasure if you could give your insight.

    Thanks and Best Regards

  25. There is something about doors and windows. Doors and windows tell us so much about the streets, about history, about culture and they are everywhere. Doors and windows are big, small, plain, colorful, old, new, modern, antique, they come in all shapes and forms. Sometimes you will find open doors and windows, sometimes closed, with or without people, and even some times the door or the window are gone, but you know where they were suppose to be.

    Doors and windows beg us to be opened. You are supposed to open doors and walk through them. You are supposed to open windows and let the breeze come through. Doors and windows are intriguing and fascinating.

    Doors and Windows are there and they are full of patterns, textures and designs. They call us to be photographed. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Some are huge and some are intimidating, some are small and just there. Some doors and windows are famous and some are also art forms. These and more certainly bring the fascination of capturing images of doors and windows.

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    As with most photographs, early morning and late afternoon is the best time to shoot doors and windows, not only due to the warmth of the light but also because porches, awnings, doorways, are out of the light path and no shadows are present. Side lighting is also interesting it will enhance the texture of the door or the window as well as its details.

    The use of the tripod is usually required to capture the details of doors and windows, since you will be shooting in medium to slow shutter speed. Usually natural light is adequate but if you are not using a tripod then you might need a flash to fill in.

    When you find a door or a window that you want to capture. First thing is to remember your first impression, think about it and review it. What was it that caught your attention? The color of the door or window, the overall scene, the wall surrounding it, to door or window itself, the doorknob, the texture, or the window drapes. What ever it was, make sure you capture that detail, without it the image might lose its magic.

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  26. I have a 5 year old niece who draws the same picture of herself over and over. First of all, she loves Rapunzal and in every picture she draws herself as the princess..including the long yellow hair. The arms are extended out on both sides and the hands are what caught my attention..they are very large stick figure hands. The hands are huge compared to the rest of the picture. What does this mean??

  27. Hi my twin daughters are eight and they have a girl in their class that draws faces with no eyes. The girl told them that her father said she cant have eyes. My daughters are upset about this. Could it be some religous thing I think they are muslim but not sure. Thank You Nancy

  28. My 6 year old son is very confident and is at the top of his class on all subjects. He is good at art for his age and takes great interest in it. I have recently noticed
    when he draws pictures he always draws himself and me(his mother) together and then his father and older brother(older by 13 months) and baby sister(23 months) together.
    He somethimes draws me and him one side of our house and
    then his father and brother and sister the other side. Do you think he needs more attention from his father or maybe more from me and thats why he is drawing us together??

  29. I was reading this page and trying to figure out why my 2 yr old daughter only scribbles faces on colouring pages. For Example, all of her princess colouring pages, she scratches out their faces with a marker and thats it. Is this a concern?

  30. hi, I have a 4 year old daughter who is a bright, happy and a social child. Whenever she is in a mood to draw or when asked to draw something the first thing she draws is a smiley face. It looks exactly like 🙂 turned straight and in a full circle. I’ve been wondering what it could signify. It would be great to understand the thought behind this doodle of hers. Thanks!

  31. This kid I watch draws heavy, thick jagged lines and calls them forests. She draws people with three open circles for eyes (not two) and a line for a mouth that doesn’t always smile. She recently drew them on a bridge and told me there were mean, scary spiders under that bridge. she always fills the page completely and presses hard, using only one crayon color. She is a whiney, willful child who is occasionally quite aggressive with other children, but so sweet and loving at other times. What could she be saying with her drawings?

  32. Very Interesting….I enjoyd this as I ALWAYS wondered WHY I doodled certains shapes. I too, always doodle 3 dementional cubes. I also always used to find myseld doodling the numbers ’89’. Not sure if that year meant something or not. Also from the age of a child, I doodled the word ‘KOOL’. Which I can only remember that was the cigerettes my biological father smoked. (I never saw him after age 5. And he did molest my twin sis and I.). In looking back, The most common shapes I draw are Arrows, clouds, starburst , empty cans, triangles, and many many sprial shapes ….all with 3 dementional looks. Most of these shapes were drawn around a word or punch hole in the paper. The most Common doodle I make, however, is wrting my full name…EVERYWHERE. Maybe this is all normal…but very interesting to know the psych related. Thanks for such interesting info!

  33. Hi,
    I absolutely enjoyed reading your blog. My son is 9yr old and he draws a lot of “Naruto” heads. he is a cartoon character. He follows how to draw these heads at When I asked him to draw a full body, it looked good, like a human with parts and gestures. I just worry because when he gets into drawing Naruto’s head, he draws on every page of his notebook. Please let me know if you have any idea on what this could mean. Please reply to my email at your convenience.

    Thanks. Again, great and very informative blog. I really enjoyed it.

  34. I too came here looking for an explanation on my drawings. Like you, I have always drawn big eyes with full lashes, some even with bizarre colors that sometimes filled up the whole paper. In addition to eyes, I also drew hundreds of cubes, Most of them were connected in some sort of fashion like buildings with perspective lines or even intertwined somehow. This site was really helpful in giving me the understanding as to why I always draw these things. Thanks so much.

  35. I have a question for you….my grandson (5 years old) now in Kindergarten has drawn 2 family pictures, each time omitting his mom. It depicts dad, baby sister and himself. He comes from a traditional family, (mom, dad, himself and baby sister). Why does he omit mom from the pics?

  36. Very good blog! Do you have any hints for aspiring writers?
    I’m hoping to start my own blog soon but I’m
    a little lost on everything. Would you advise starting with a
    free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option?

    There are so many options out there that I’m totally overwhelmed .. Any ideas? Kudos!


  37. Hello!
    I always try and interpret and analyse my daughter’s drawings. She is nearly three-and-a-half and today at her nursery I saw she’d done a collage of a tree. Every other child’s tree had leaves pointing upwards, but my daughter stuck all the leaves pointing downwards towards the ground. Is this just the way she does it or is it something more subconscious?

  38. I always doodle pretty female face but always draw half the face with the hair covering the rest. I wanna know what this means Iv been doing it for years I am male btw
    Thank you

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