GOD-MYTH OR FACT(Added proof of big bang) edited version

genieshanuZelda is sick and tired of me ranting about family, relations and everything social. And i dont want to sound like a grandmother anymore. So, i have decided to write something different.I am going to write this in the simplest manner possible to make it appealing to my kiddies from T1B2 lol. I had been inspired from the works and books of scholar Harun Yahya and some scientific books my father had showered on me.  This is going to be a sensitive issue and something rather serious i am going to talk about in my post. GOD? Who is he? I have only heard about this divine force from my Mom and Dad. I have never seen or known HIM. Today, i am going to make you walk with me back through my research on whether GOD is real or not.

I am a person who believe in Science. In fact, i need evidences. In one of my IAC classes, i did a personality test and it seems i am the only “sensor” in my class. Sensors are people who need evidences to support a theory, they never buy stories without proper evidences.

That was what made me question God. Do you have proof God exists? And my idea of God(creator) is someone who knows his creation well. Therefore, God(creator) should know science, geography, biology and astronomy more than human beings.

So, i searched, searched and searched all the science books i can get my hands on. According to scientists, the origin of the universe started with BIG BANG THEORY.


People often have a misconception that its an explosion which led to existance of the universe. It is more like a tiny balloon expanding to what our universe is today. Our universe is imagined to have sprung out from a really hot, dense “singulairty” (Lets just called the damned thing a Balloon”.And where this balloon came from, no one knows. But, scietists believe it just appeared there.

Ok now let us look at this in a different perspective 🙂

You are now sitting on your butt, in front of your computer and reading my blog. The very blog you read, doesnt just appear from nowhere. Some Dumbo by the name of Sabreena wrote it. And the computer certainly didnt appear by magic, your dad bought it from a shop, and that computer was manufactured and made by some people in some part of the world. And the parts of the computer basically came from the raw materials of the Earth.

So, if you believe, everything around you doesnt just appear there and some ass created it. Then, how can really intelligent scientists come up with the Dumbest conclusion that a “singulairity”(the same damned balloon i was talking about” just appeared there and expanded.  Who do you think put the balloon there.

The fact that something is BEING from NON BEING tell us, there is a creator.


I apologise to not have added this proof earlier on. And i realised some people still dont accept the fact. I shall write some evidences that proves the Big bang theory. And those, who have evidences that opposes this theory, feel free to post. But again, in neutral manner. This is not a forum! Its a place to discuss!  And your evidences must be purely scientific!


(I am not plagerising, an excerpt from scholar harun yahya again) ( I am summarising it)

In 1965, Two researcgers Arno  Penzias and Robert Wilson chanced upon form of radiation hitheto unoticed. This radiation was apparently an echo of the Big Bang. And it did not seem to radiate from a particular source, but from the whole space.

In 1989, NASA sent Cosmic background explorer (COBE)  satellite into space to do research on cosmic background radiation.  Within 8 minutes, the sensitive instruments detected and confirmed levels of radiation. The COBE had found the remains of the big explosiion that had taken place at the outset of the universe.

more evidence?

The relative amount of hydrogen and helium in the universe is another proof. Observations indicated that the hydrogen-helium concentration in the universe was in accord with theoritcal calculations of what should have remained after the Big Bang. That drove another stake into the heart of steady state theory beacuse if the universe had existed for eternity and never had a beginning, all of its hydrogen should have been burned into helium

 *Steady state theory referred to eternal universe with no beginning or ending

Something scary

After the big bang theory, it seemed there came about a great balance that contained the stars. galaxies, sun and moon. And the universe is constantly expanding in a uniform rate, that if one moves faster than the other, the whole universe can explode.

Professor Stephen Hawking states in his book “A brief history of time”

If the rate of expansion one second after the big bang had been smaller by even one part in a hundred thousand million million, the universe would have recollapsed before it ever reached its present size”.

Explosions are known to have destructive effects. And the after effects of an explosion, is usually scattered parts lying randomly here and there. But think about what i told you. And explosion that is done so uniformly, so planned, could it have just been coincidence. ALL OF IT? Does it make sense?


The big bang theory holds that the universe began with a single explosion. Yet as can be seen below, an explosion merely throws matter apart, while the big bang has mysteriously produced an opposite effect-with matter clumping together in the form of galaxies

Well, now that i have made you think. Let us see a qoute from the brilliant scientist ALBERT EINSTEIN,


So, at this point when i discovered there is a creator. And that creator is a master of science, i started my research on many religions as possible to see, which religion talks about science accurately! And that was how i started. I have no issues with free thinkers. But i rememeber having an issue with a bunch of atheists who mocked me once for believing in God. I told them the story of the table and how it cant exist just like that. They all shut their mouths. I cant take people who dont believe in God out of ego. Human beings, perish and they are nothing! In fact, we cant even control our own destinies or bring the dead back. So, why do we think we are so great? And i am ok with people who dont believe in God as long as they dont mock those who do. Especially those who have evidences like me!!!!

18 thoughts on “GOD-MYTH OR FACT(Added proof of big bang) edited version

  1. I rather have science supporting God than blind faith. I just hate living a life full of conjecture. Thats why the old bearded men from kerala hate my guts 😉

  2. I am so glad that you didnt meow at my page. I guess you are still scared of the threat i gave you on friendster… But i think, its your way of agreeing with me. Intelligent respnses will be appreciated. This is T1B2, and all my kiddies are bright and smart. My expectations are VERY HIGH!

  3. After reading your post, I’ve come to one question myself; Its probably a self proclamation that your a believer in religion, and definitely a fan of The Big Guy up there, so why are u even questioning about whether He is real or not? In fact, I really don’t see any relevance in your ‘research’ in this case mainly because your question is, “..whether God is real or not,” but so far, I’ve only read about the big bang theory and how everything else is portrayed like a meer coincidence!

    Well then, you stated that you are one who believes in science, and you definitely know that there is an obvious line between religion and science. So since seeing is believing, why do you even bother to pray when you yourself isn’t even clear of whether He is real or not?!

    By the way, not all scientists are THAT reliable. Its good to read the books and the encyclopedia and all, but you just can’t relate religion and science together. Its like ‘fact’ and ‘fiction’. Its either you believe in one or the other. Not that what you’re doing is wrong, it just seem that you have a misconception yourself! You obviously can’t use science to support the existence of God. Why? Cuz’ he’s omnipresent! You and I know it; We can’t see Him, but we can feel His presence. But can science prove this?

    “science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind” this quote is just hillarious..especially since it came from an athiest, and that you’re using this as your ‘evidence’.

    “..We can’t control our own destinies or bring back the dead. So, why do we think that we are so great?” First of all, I’d like to ask what’s your definition of ‘destiny’, as in how do you see it in your perspective. If I were you, I’d replace ‘destiny’ with ‘fate’, you get what I mean?

    Anyway, this post is just too controversial, especially a topic like such (religion & science). Just commenting on this cuz’ theres so much to write.

    P.S. I don’t mean anything offensively, and if there’s anything you’re not happy about in my comment, I’d just apologise to you first-hand ya?

  4. Well to me, it seems you are questioning me why i even bothered to research in the first place. Yes is true, i had a question not a misocnception. I wanted to see if evidences can support the theory of God
    You said i cant possibily prove that God exists and i cant merge religion and science together. That is where i am afraid to say my friend, you didnt had enough patience to read through my post.
    I did prove the theory with a fact that is called the big bang theory. What einstein said isnt my evidence. In fact the big bang theory is. And i think there is no limitations to what ways a human mind can think. And i am not afarid. And i believe i am pretty sucessful in it.
    The big bang theory is scarily a fact that yells to us, that God is true. Science is not created by humans. In fact, science is used to show how the world is created? Why shouldnt one question myths? If newton didnt question himself when the apple hit his head, we wouldnt have ever learnt gravity?
    My point here, relating back to the singuliarity, is that most of “God’s” creations are from non being. Most of humans creations are linking back to raw materials. The question of what came 1st…chicken or egg?
    I am sorry, but u didnt understand my post and rushed to write me a comment. I am not offended at all. In fact, i love challenges, it would have been much better if you had understood
    You asked why do i pray if i dont know if God is real?
    The mainpoint of the research is for me to prove myself whether i am in the right path. I have very much difficulty when old bearded men tell me to have Blind faith. And Big bang theory doesnt only prove the existance of God by seeing..in fact…by feeling too. Its engraved up there in the universe. And my motive of the post, is to let people know that they dont have to say” God needs no proof, i am VERY sure he is up there”. Now they can say with courage,,I KNOW there is GOD. In other words, you claim that God cant be proven except through our imagination. But i just SCIENTIFICALLY proved God’s existance! A writer has to be bold my friend, no matter how controversial the topic is. My job is to tell people facts without hurting anyone This post if for people like you. I did you a favor actually
    Lets play a game?
    Since you challenged me that religion and science cannot merge?
    Shall i bring one religion to you?
    That talks everything about science even before scientists discovered it?
    If i were to bring that, will you take back your words
    Cheers! N peace

  5. Will pass bryan the proof of big bang theory and the religion i was talking about. And we can discuss this outside the blog as it is rather long and the argument could be never ending. Better that we have a personal discussion where we can talk face to face and we can display our viewpoints. Its easier for me to explain and understand you! 🙂 The evidence will reach you Monday

  6. I think i will edit and add the proof of the big bang theory for people to benefit.Do Read Michael’s post, he gives a very obejctive viewpoint. Something which i really wanted. A totally different perspective. He believes in atheism. So, its something different!

  7. For those who were upset i didnt provide the proof of bIG bang, i have just edited it! And if you have evidences to prove the theory wrong, please post it. Again i repeat, no personal comments. I believe you guys are young adults! So discuss, no arguments. And your evidences must not be based on conjecture but real scientifc evidences.

  8. Those who are interested in the religion that talks about science, please contact me. This is something confidential and i hope you guys would not upload it on the internet. Only for those who are interested in research. Thank you!

  9. I’m not sure these two have to be mutually exclusive. I’m with you. There can be both God and science. And the big bang isn’t proof there’s no God. It’s proof we can’t trace history back any farther, because any evidence that existed was destroyed by the big bang. Of course there was something before the bang. Who knows how many times the universe has expanded and contracted before our bang? Or how many times it will again long after we are gone?

  10. Yes i believe there can be God and Science. Why must it be we must have faith and no proof right? I think both the concept of science and God can coexist.

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