SABREENA IS CLEOPATRA (makeover edition)

My 1st attempt at character makeup (cleopatra)

I couldnt decide how cleopatra should look like, so tried few styles

Long live the skinnyness …yucky

I had taken some time at attempting to straighten my hair, but it didnt work!!!!

Cleopatra’s messy room looool and i am NOT NAKED!

And i was thanking God for giving me such brown skin that i needed no bronzer to make me look brown. Bronzers cost 30 bucks ok!!! Its expensive for such a tiny tin!!!

Cleopatra smiling her sexiest muahuahuahuah so scary man!!!

Anyway people, this is my first attempt at character makeup.  Character makeup is a type of art where you try to imitate someone famous. I did this after doing bridal makeup for a girl. And i dont think i can sleep till 4am as we have studio production test tommrow. And all of you plesae comment and tell me how this character makeup turned out, so i can improve! Thats the main point why i am posting it. And it would be fun for you guys to know, makeup is really art.  I used MAC on my eyes. And i didnt apply any foundation, as i hate it to the core. And that is a belly dancing chain on my head. And a golden hairband on my neck. Yes i got it from Aries Jun Jie, and i havent removed the price tag yet! And people Comments please!

5 thoughts on “SABREENA IS CLEOPATRA (makeover edition)

  1. Dear Reena goddess, no doubt, you transcend Elizabeth Taylor.
    A bit of advice would be stronger eye shadow and longer eye lining. And apply foundation to protect the tender skin.

  2. Yo Zelda, will do that babe. Thank you so much! More advises people, help me paint the world better!!!

  3. Should have gotten some shimmer instead of bronzer…would have looked shiny 😉 an some gold glitter pearliser at the ends of my eyes…superrr suppeerrrr shiny! 😉 I think i will make you a geisha thingy Zelda..would be so cool

  4. the last picture is crazy..imagine the real cleopatra giving such a psychotic smile to the pharoah…lol…unimaginable

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