Bridal makeover

So, i am modifying the look and taking “sunset” to “sunrise”

On tuesday, T1B2 witnessed a “look” somewhat similar to what i have done here. And Ray even named it “Sunset”, so i thought of adding some modification and here you see “sunrise”. All i am left with is to run to little india and get some bridal bindi and a nose ring for the bride 🙂

Some information for those who dont know anything about bridal stuff.

Indian wedding

Indian weddings are usually colorful and full of live. Once, when we were discussing arabian makeup with some europeans, they passed a comment that they would not like to look better than the bride and would prefer simple makeup. If this comment, were to be passed in india, i guess many people would be shocked. Everyone dresses really colorful for the wedding function. The colors used are to present good luck and happiness. Therefore, they dressed in their best clothings to wish the couple “colors” in their married life.

Most indian weddings are dressed really colorful, except from the part of india I CAME FROM!! We, malayalees are very simple people. The bride is dressed in some attire called MUNDU, it is usually white (which is very different from other parts of india) or atleast white and red. She has a simple veil. The groom is dressed in white too. He wears a dhoti around his waist, unfortunately he is topless with a long shawl around his neck. Both the bride and the groom wear silk. And yes, there is lots of jewellery involved with the bride.

Nowadays, malayalees are getting more colorful. But they still do have very bad dressing sense. They prefer simple yet sophisticated looks. Just like other traditions, we have henna, bridal jewellery and tying of the mangalsutra(yellow string). This mangalsutra are only used for hindu malayalee weddings. Christian malayalees do exchange rings and tie mangalsutra for sake of culture, and so do Muslim and jew malayalees.  Christian malayalees stick to the european traditions of gowns. They still do wear a lame malayalee veil though. Muslim malayalee weddings are more colorful, sometimes they forsake the MUNDU and wear a lehenga(a bright indian wedding dress).

A slightly more colorful Mundu. A mundu is tying a cloth usually white around your chest, with a saree blouse. The saree blouse is usually red. The hair is tied in the side of the head in a bun style. They decorate it with jasmine flowers. Gold is the most common ornament used by indians. They wear bangles and tikka. The nosestud is a tradition that malayalees dont adopt. Nose studs are worn by indians from other parts of india, example the tamils or gujaratis. My mum murdered me when she discovered i had a nose piercing!

Hope i can bring T1B2 to kerala one day!

Oh Ya! I forgot to say…I LOVEEEE KERALAAAAA

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