week 5 reflection

Today Mr. Ryan showed us a movie called election. Earlier on, i had a totally different idea of what Aristotle’s idea of tragedy is. The very word tragedy meant to me what indian movie tragedies were like. Really sad ones.  That you wonder how can one man have so many problems!

Mr. Ryan i am going to write it in such a way, so if i ever have to refer back i can understand what i really mean.

Aristotle Tragedy = Election Tragedy

Aristotle idea of tragedy is reversal of fortune which he called catastrophe. The character is in his highest point, and because of one mistake he makes, he falls down. That is tragedy. And this character is usually a good person.  There is also a cause and effect chain in the tragedy.

Election idea of tragedy

It is pretty much the same.  Jim is a teacher in a high school and he is very happy with his life. He has a good wife and perfect life. Then he meets Tracy flick who apparently has an affair with one of her teachers and causes him ruin. Tracy flick is a girl with a go- getter attitude. When she decides to run for class president, Jim fears that he has to spend more time with the girl. So he decides, to get Paul to run for election too. Jim seems to have a poor sex life with his wife, who wants to have kids after completeing nursing school. Beacuse of that, Jim decides to have an affair with her best friend. And when that happens, his wife gets to know about. His marraige breaks up. Later part of the movie, the election results are out. And Tracy Flick wins. Now, Jim becomes desperate and throws two votes into the bin. Earlier in the movie, they showed a scene where he will be throwing some leftover food out of the bin. I cant really remmeber.

Because of this action, the school will find out what he did and he loses his job. In the end of the movie, he is a tourist guide and in his voiceover he convinces himself he is happy. And then he meets, Tracy flick who becomes a lawyer. He throws a drink at her car and runs away.


I wrote a summary of the story, so if i have to refer back i can really understand what i mean. My apologies.  This movie has alot of cause and effects. Let us see how it all started.


Tracy Flick has affair with one teacher. Teacher loses job

EFFECT 1- Causes fear in Jim when he realises Tracy becomes president, they might have to spend alot of time together

EFFECT 2- Makes Paul run for president.

EFFECT 3- Since Pauls girlfriend was his lesbian sister’s ex girlfriend, Tammy runs for election too

EFFECT 4- Causes frustration in Tracy Flick who gets so mad that she tears down all the posters.

EFFECT 5- Tammy sees that and brings the torn posters and admits she did it and as a result she moves to another school where she lives happily ever after with her new lesbian girlfriend.

EFFECT 6- Jim gets frightened that Tracy may win. When he realises, Tracy DID win, he throws two votes into the bin

EFFECT 7- The garbage man find the two votes and shows to the school’s management

EFFECT 8-Jim loses his job and becomes a tourist guide.


CAUSE 2-Jim has poor sex life with his wife who wants to finish her nursing school.

EFFECT 1- Wants to have affair with wife best friend

EFFECT 2- Has an affair with her

EFFECT 3- Wife finds out and breaks up marraige

RESOLUTION- Jim who had a happy family and a great job, loses everything. This is the idea of tragedy


Tragedy doesnt have to be like indian movies, where the hero has a dying mother, a drunkard father, a sister who always gets raped by the villain, or girlfriend who cries every five minutes.

Idea of tragedy can be simple as this as long as there is a reversal of fortune because of one mistake he makes. And there should be a cause and effect chain that causes this reversal of fortune.

And i think i just went through ANAGNORISIS- Change from ignorance to knowledge 🙂

I still want to make a beggar have tragedy. Now that i know what is tragedy. Imagine a beggar, who lives from hand to mouth. And he sings for a living for his family.Even though life is hard, he has the support of his family. One day, a shoot out happens in front of him. And one of the gang members call him into the gang. He makes a decsion, intending his life may become better and his family will finally be free from poverty. He takes that path. And he loses his family in the process. He loses one leg. And he gets shot himself one day and lies dying. People walk past but no one wants to help the beggar. The beggar dies. Is that finally a tragedy?

Reversal of fortune is small. But he did lose a very supportive family. The very people he took the gun for, all died. It defeats his purpose. So i guess it is reversal of fortune. There is a cause effect chain. He takes gun, effect family broken, in turn causes effect of losing leg and leads to resolution his death where no one helps him. I hope this is something!

4 thoughts on “week 5 reflection

  1. Technically, this is not the story of a beggar. It’s the story of a gangster hit-man. Can you design it in such a way where the period as a homeless beggar is the high point in his life? Actually, I’m doing it in my head right now, and it makes an interesting statement about consumerism in the movie. Imagine if we perceive the beggar’s life as carefree and joyful, and the process of having a job, paying rent, slaving the day away to buy things you were once happy without actually leads to your downfall. That becoming part of the middle class is actually the lowest one can fall. It makes an artistic statement, doesn’t it?

  2. Im impressed. You solved my problem. Lets just keep that story on your head as the tragedy of a beggar. Very Good 🙂

    I think yours make more sense

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