Why indians wear ornaments on their hair? And another ad for my makeup ;)

So the good news is we have 3 more makeup assignments. The bad news is, me and my lovely acne started seducing the camera.

Was about to say smtg when it got clicked!!

Thats not a tikka on my head, its an earring!! 😛

Smoky eyes is a classic look, very easy to achieve if you know how to blend.

Is that my sister’s bra?

Modification added is, i lined the whole lid top and bottom with MAC CARBON

Not advisable if you are not too adventurous. And not many can carry it off. In fact, i thought i looked like a witch.

Last attempt in seducing the camera, after that i went to sleep. Too tired!

THIS IS OUR BRIDE!!! Next sunday is her engagement.. And who are the makeup artist 😉 Sabreena and Shirin ji

During Melanie’s Class, these were the expressions we threathened her with, if she were to fail our podcasts which was shortly broadcasted after this pic was taken.  

For those intrested in the look, its called SMOKY EYE LOOK. So i add a few modifications to it. I used MAC CLUB and MAC CARBON. MAC fluidline, MAC KOHOL LINER.

Well, i think i rather make this entry useful for those who wish to learn things. Especially for guys. I mean what do they undestand? So, i will write about my short experience with the discovery of tikka

Tikka is the ornament indian women wear in the centre parting of her hair, like my 2nd picture. I was at work and spoke to an Australian eldery man. Who told me if i know why indian women wore tikka.

I shook my head. And asked him to tell me. He told me, that indians believed in evil eyes. Which means, if something or someone is beautiful and another person looks at it with envy, that beautiful person might fall sick or die.

So according to him, indians wore ornaments to distract people from the beautiful face. I was so surprised to hear that from him.

And he also gave an explanation for Bindi. Bindi is the dot indian women wear on their forehead. Indians believe in the third eye which Lord Shiva the destroyer has. The Bindi represents the Third eye.

There is also a funny explanation why the Japanese spared the indians during the japanese occupation in Singapore. The bindi or the red dot indians wore on their foreheads imitated their Flag, the rising red sun. Therefore, indians were spared.

Back to the eldery man. He even taught me about Feng shui. I like the eldery people from there. I managed to mingle with many 60 year old who travelled around the world. I couldnt see my own grandparents. Whenever i spoke to them i felt a sort of affection. Eldery people are walking books of knowledge. Treasure them!

4 thoughts on “Why indians wear ornaments on their hair? And another ad for my makeup ;)

  1. Yes babe MAC and bobbi brown are my personal favourite. Mac is good as it shows well on fotographs. Even though im only using a cam phone here, the eye shadow and liner shows well. I use Blacktrack. And better to get the liner brush, it glides smoothly around the lids 😀

    Oprah Winfrey uses Bobbi brown. But dont go 4 mac foundations, its thick and yucky. If you want a natural look try bobbi brown. Its super expensive, but quality rocks and it is worth your money 😀

  2. When I was in college, I worked at a clothing store in Beverly Hills called Banana Republic. It was right next to the MAC store. It was during the time they were using RuPaul for their magazine ads, and all the make-up artists in the store were drag queens. It was otherworldly going into that store.

  3. Yup Mac is more onto fashion or character makeup. Personally, i dont like makeup at all. And if given a chance, i will walk with my acne spotted face on a runway. But, Mac is the only product that works well with bridal photography.And it shows on pictures. Its nice to know men notice so much

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