Robert lee xian long walks unsteadily towards Crystal’s desk. He throws the books on the table and sinks into his chair opposite Crystal. Crystal looks at him annoyingly. Robert ignores her and flips his book roughly. Crystal mumbles in a voice full of irritation. “Do you know how long i have been waiting?”. Robert without gazing up from his book, whispers “Do you think it is that easy to get the stuff?”. Crystal stares at him. Hardly blinking. Her gaze projecting anger.

Robert continues to ignore her gaze, incensing Crystal further. Crystal stands up angrily and walks away. After a few minutes, Robert follows her looking around as if checking if anyone notices anything going on.

Robert continues to walk to a dark corner outside the library. The sound of sobbing becomes distinctly clear. He finds crystal kneeling down, her face a crimson red. “You made me addicted to this Robert, and now you are treating me like a slave!”.

Robert kneels beside her. Anger clear on his face. “You deserve it! And you are right about the part that you are a slave. MY SLAVE!”.

Crystal looks at him helplessly and shows him her hand. Her hand full of marks. Marks from numerous injections. Robert grabs her hand roughly and takes out a shiny object from his pocket. An injection. He slowly injects her. Crystal winces in pain.

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