BEFORE i start telling you the secret. Let us see a preview of what my bride might look on saturday! I decided to practise on myself before i do her a trial session. So here i call this look…THE COLOR PURPLE!


That’s just pretending to be shy. Its essential that indian brides look shy, so every young indian women are secretly practising to be shy…

Alfred Hitchcock’s PSYCHO BRIDE

I look like my mother in this picture!!

I wish i had a better megapixel camera to capture the colors of the eyes. Even though, our bride doesnt have very big eyes, i guess it will suit her as she has sharp features! 🙂

Ok. I was talking to this guy friend. He and i had a discussion. I cant call him a friend, i find highly irritating specimen. I hate people who blow their own trumpet. Anyway, he said he knew what women want?

Apparently, according to his theory. Women are emotional creatures. They are always attracted to a man who manages to bring her on a roller coaster ride of emotions, e.g fear, anger, happiness, sadness etc. So i thought to myself and my disaster with a past relationship. Yes, its true, i did date a man who was a combination of a tsunami, tornado and a earthquake! And i thought, my practical side of me would NEVER want a man like that. What made me fall into this? And i remembered, he did bring me on a emotional roller coaster ride.


1) He lied to me once he was dying of cancer  -emotion-pity

2)He lied to me once he was an ex rapist – emotion- FEAR

3)He lied to me once he loved me more than his mother -emotion – happiness

4) He told me once i was “smally, shorty, skinny” – emotion – ANGER

5) He made his friend lie to me that HE DIED- emotion- sadness

Even though, i agree what women want are men who are intelligent, capable and responsible. What women are attracted to are (to sum it all) = DISASTERS. They like a man who makes them feel everything! Is that why women date people like criminals? Well since i was egoistic, i denied to my friend nicely. And asked…DO YOU KNOW WHAT MEN WANT?

He was blank for a while. And he said… “I DONT KNOW!”

And i smiled and told him, “That’s exactly the point, THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY WANT!!!!!!!!”

2 thoughts on “WHAT WOMEN REALLY WANT!

  1. I just felt like its an interesting topic as it striked me alot when my Friend told me this. Strange, but many women really select really bad choices. And this viewpoint kind of gave me an answer. Even though, i would NEVER admit it to my friend. But really, i dont know about men. I find them far more childlike than women. Childlike not childish. And i think they are less evil, they are like fireflies they get attracted and distracted pretty easily. Not like a woman, who really plans what she wants.

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