Sinful Sabreena( seven deadly sins)

So we have started our mini makeup business finally, me and shirin. Here goes theme 7 sins

SIN OF GLUTTONY ( doesnt look like it…im suppose to be eating a huge bar of

Chocolate greedily…but dates were the only ones in my refrigerator!)

SIN OF GREED (that cash belongs to my boss)


SIN OF VANITY( i look awful here, but i love the effect of this pic)

SIN OF ANGER( looks more pissed than angry, ancient pic of me)


SIN OF LUST ( im really a straight person, i know it looks like we are lesbians. I dont know how to make it any more “Lustful” looking than this”.

I started this type of business not for the sake of money. I never really loved money, even though it is a necessity for survival, i never quite lusted for money. Money always meant danger to me. Once a lady from Estonia told me, Singaporeans are more obsessed with money than the things they want to buy. Their obsession should be with their goals, rather than money, which is only a mode of attaining their goal. I started this for my friend, emotionally crippled by a man she was about to marry. I felt she needed to feel important and capable of doing this. Her ex finacee always made her feel like an uneducated person who was no match to him. She always told me that people who are educated are more respected in society. I want her to prove to the world, she is something.   Education is not always the key to sucess. It is much deeper. Determination. If you do not have that quality in you, no matter how much education you get, you will be nothing more than your degree certificate! I just hope that things work out in God’s grace. Sometimes, encouragement is far more better gift than materialistic things. Like a saying goes, you can give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. But if you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime!

4 thoughts on “Sinful Sabreena( seven deadly sins)

  1. Its easy honey! I merged two photos, one with my face reflecting on the makeup pallete mirror…and another wid me an a mirror…merged both,,beautiful effect isnt it?

    should try on u one day…
    But 4 u it would be sin of gluttony…with TOFU TOFU AND TOFU!

  2. You voiced something about Singaporeans and money I’ve never been able to communicate. I don’t know enough about Singaporean Malay and Indian culture to determine if it’s there too, but I wonder if it has more to do with Chinese culture than Singaporean. After all, Hong Kong and Taiwan are also countries stereotyped as being obsessed with money.

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