Conflict is key element to a story



Most important in a story


-Man who wrote a memo on how to construct stories


– Observe in a conscious way
– Develop the ability to see and record movements, physical characteristics and settings


Mindless looking

-Watching movies

-In the train

-Actions or things we are familiar with


-Distinct new events

-Emotional attachment

Observation takes place when we have a certain intrest in an object. This is my opinion. Or, if the object is unfamiliar and we want to get familiar with it. Whereas, mindless looking is more of things that are familiar and happens to us in a repitious routine, so much so we do not need to pay any extra attention for further observation.


Mr. Ryan told us to do a short research on Aristotle. And i realised that he pretty much dislike stories with episodic plots. Stories like Moll flanders. He believed a story should have a proper start, climax and ending. Moll flanders was a book i read. And i find the book rather amusing. It is a life story of a woman who was married 5 times, once to even her own brother. She was a theif in one part of her life and even a whore! In stories like this, the emotional drama goes up and down in zig zag patterns. The tension does not increase as we reach the end. It is as unpredictable as life. Aristotle’s definition of a story maybe different. But, i believe that art or imagination has no specifc rules? The more different or unique you are, the more you shine! I love Moll flanders! Unpredictable. And so easy to relate to, since our lives are like that. A movie or a story, Aristotle talks about is focusing on ONE episode of your life. Whereas, in episodic plots, you have multiple plots and multiple events, sometimes they dont relate to each other? But isnt that life? Is it wrong to make a story like that. The idea of a good story is to capture the intrest of your reader and put your message across sucessfully. If you had done that. YOU ARE A GOOD WRITER!

My reflection on observation

I am glad that Mr.Ryan brought up this topic about observation. In the past, i didnt feel observing people to a very close scale is important. I thought it was impolite if the other party senses you. But, all my life i have been doing one crazy research after another. And observing people, were once my obsession. When i was working in a tourist line, an eldery Australian man looked deeply into my eyes and said. “Do you know you can read a person through their eyes?”. I looked at him and asked him to read me. He told me, to research on that topic. And truly enough i did.

If you are displaying any form of emotion, whether its a smile or sadness, all your face muscles work with it. Like if im smiling, you can tell if it is a fake smile or not if you dont see my eyes squinting and lines appearing all over. Another thing about eyes. If a person lies to you, he would either look to the right or left. And by observing the direction, you can say if he is lying or not. And i look into people’s eyes when i speak to them. Some people find it rude i guess or scary maybe because they find my gaze scary. Another thing, if you want to READ  a person, never look at the BIG expressions he shows you. Like gestulations(hope its correct), distract us. Look for minute details, is his expression changing? Are his eyes looking left or right? A liar can never make eye contact? Look at all these details. Sometimes its important, espcially in a world with hypocrites, to save yourself from alot of trouble.

A small tip, if you want to find out if your date likes you. Look at the eye pupils. If it gets bigger, he or she really really likes you!

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