The Misconception Of Freedom

Many of my classmates were baffled by what i wrote that women should stop imitating men to attain freedom. Especially, Tomaline who claims she is a feminist. I believe in one thing firmly. Women and men are equal, but we have to accept the fact that we are different. Not only by the way, we think but also by the way our bodies are.

 Today, we see a woman working, coming back home to feed the children, wash the dishes and so on. Whereas, the man rests after work. (Of course, there are men who help around too!). But why this double duty. Women are drilled to believe, that doing a man’s work is freedom? That is not true. God made us different so we can compliment and compensate for each other’s flaws. Women, naturally weaker by strength, and their bodies are made to bear children. Whereas, men naturally being more stronger are able to do hard labour.

Today, if a woman is a homemaker, she will be mocked at. Why? Is being a woman so bad? There are so many women in this world, who were great scholars and yet good homemakers.

Today a woman works 9 to 12 hours, away from her children. The children, not under the supervision of a mother, end up doing unlawful things.  I am not saying a woman should not be educated or get a job. Maybe they should stop trying to be a man so much. Do you know what is freedom? Freedom is being accepted for who you are and what you do, the moment you alter yourself to please another, you are a mere slave.

Today’s movies potray women half naked. Not to mention indian movies, you see the actress in skimpy clothing, while the men are dressed. Why is it a woman has to strip to survive in the film industry? What is the lifespan of indian actresses. 10 years, 12 years? And what do they do? STRIP? Think about it? You don’t ask a man to come to a date in super tight shots. But a man requests you to wear the shortest skirt possible?

The concept of marriage brought to protect women. Nowadays, sex is so free. People do not marry anymore. Why do you suppose the concept of marraige is so emphasized in religious gospels? Forget religions. Let us see it this way, the world has one night stands. And after that night, the man and woman are complete strangers. And if the woman becomes pregnant, it is her responsibilty. I know of a woman like that? Marriage is responsibility. Why do people want sex but not the responsibility. Is it fair to make woman responsible just because the child grow in us?

I am not blaming men for this problem. Women have to open up their eyes. Accept yourselves for who you are.  And i hope i answered your question, Tomaline 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Misconception Of Freedom

  1. I’m being ridiculous. I think this argument is delicious and I can’t wait to bite my teeth into it. But it will require thought. You’ll have to give me time to formulate a response.

  2. Lol, that would be sooo weird to ask a guy to come in super tight shorts…its like asking 4 trouble…Looooool Gosh!!!

    In this world, only men make such requests. I have never come across a women who would ask that YET!

    But again i cant say…

  3. When I took my feminism class in university, it was taught by a primatologist, a woman who specializes in ape behaviour. She argued the way humans tend to forget that in all species, the female ultimately controls reproductive success because of the principle of mate choice. We always perceive men to need to compete for women, or women who sexualize themselves for men. Regardless, in the end, sexual success in almost all species (except for some sharks maybe) comes down to who the female wants to be with.

    What more power does a woman need than that? She controls everything.

  4. Well, if you really look at it in the most simplest manner, atleast this is what i feel. Both male and female is important. It is just human beings that complicate everything. Even though, a woman may bear a child. Without the help of a man, it is quite impossible. Thats the beauty of creation. Man and woman cant EXIST without each other. Its best to accept the differences

    Paganism talks about it beautifully. Atleast the original form of paganism. It describes the existance of male and female very nicely.

    Im glad you actually talk to me about this. I get to learn from different viewpoints. Thanks alot 🙂

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