Notes and Reflection 2

S.T.O.R.Y Made of



->Smooth and continous writing




*Variation of sex, religion and culture which provide variety to conflict.

Positive effect from CONFLICT

*Get to see two sides of the coin

* Learn more things



Clashes of agreement or disagreement, oppostion of person or forces.


->Conflict with self

->Conflict with environment

->Conflict between two people

In other words, CONFLICT = CHANGE!!!

-Change is common in everyone

– Change is universal









Why resist change

-Fear of unknown

-The will to learn to cope with change

-Action in drama depends on conflict

*As characters attempt to reach their goals, they come into conflict with each other

*The end of the story when the protagonist and the antagonist approach their goals and the conflict rises to generate maximum suspense and excitement.

My Reflection on questions raised

Joshua raised up a very interesting question today in class. Can there be a story without characters. I do appreciate the boy’s inquisitive mind! I thought to myself. Is it possible? Joshua’s explanation was making a story of a room and the things inside it. But, i realised if the story is going to be a about a strange room, the room itself becomes a character? But i am pretty curious! Can i write about my room? Maybe it would be e.g ” My room is haunted by spirits!”. Then spirits, become a character. But, this sure made me think. Characters are not necessarily people. Characters can be animals or even objects. Example, the toy story. The story was basically about “things”. And these “things” become character! Joshua is not wrong in the way he thinks, that boy has a good imagination, and thinks out of the box always. And he is never shy about his opinions.

Anyway just for the sake of it, i attempted

1)There was once a city of gold, that was known to be prosperous. Suddenly, one day the city sank into the depths of the sea. Till today, no one knows why the city disappeared and where all the gold went to…


2)There lies a house in a lonely end of the town. It has been deserted for a long, long time. Through the broken windows, one can see furniture neatly assembled. Thick dust covering the furniture like blankets. No one has ever entered the house. It has been deserted and may be deserted for a very long time.

Even though Joshua’s theory is quite possible, his story would be short lived, as they are no characters to add fuel to keep the fire burning. Characters add spice and life to the story. So it is important to have characters in a story. People read stories because they are intresting, and characters help the reader relate to the stories. Especially, when they see a character suffering from a problem they go through. 

Reflection on Liqing’s story

Liqing’s story about the wedding, gave me a great amount of information on  traditional european weddings. I never knew they had so many “procedues”. Her story, lacked conflict. And, every moment we were expecting something to happen, only to be cheated later. But think about it, the fact we had the expection made us listen to her story. She was able to draw us in that sense! Conflict is the backbone of any story. People are only inerested in problems. It is something we deal with everyday. Human beings, whether they like to agree with it or not, are not perfect. So, when we see Liqing’s story, we want something to happen there. We look for flaws. That is a natural instinct. And we get irritated when something is perfect, even though deep inside us, we would always love to embrace perfectionism.

Relection on short flims

The 1st film on Kasi is something that happens in society of Singapore today. Here, we see a change in environment and how Kasi tries to adapt himself to it. Another conflict we get to see is Kasi conflicting with himself, whether to tell the truth about his situation or tell a lie to save his wife from worry. This is a common problem that happens in Singapore. I am not sure if it is right to say, but when i saw that clip, for one moment a scary thought gripped my mind. High end positions and low end positions are being occupied by foreigners and it reminded me of history a little. In the past, it was the common malay, chinese and indians who suffered for Singapore just like Kasi. Maybe, in the future, Singapore might belong to today’s foreigners. The clip showed clearly the common problems a foreign worker faces everyday. And it surprised me, to see them being ill treated. It’s pretty sad that the public of Singapore is always being shadowed from the reality that happens around us. I am glad that this film is bold enough to show some problems.

The 2nd story is about the chinese girl conflicting with her mother. Even though, the story is displayed on screen in a very well manner. The conflict, as Mr. Ryan pointed out, has not ended. Maybe, a story is unable to survive without characters. But, maybe a story can survive without resolving a conflict. I have seen many movies like that. There was one indian movie, where there is a conflict between a police officer and a terrorist. The police officer goes undercover into the group. And, when he is found out, he kills himself and the terrorist. But, at the end of the movie, they show the offsprings of the policeman and the terrorist, resenting each other, just because their fathers were enemies. The conflict, in other words, continues. Life is like that too, sometimes solutions to such conflicts are at our fingertips. But we choose not resolve them, maybe because of ego, cultural background and other reasons. Movies are becoming more realistic nowadays. Years back, there seemed that every problem has a solution. Movies are now reflecting the truth. Even the fact, that the chinese mother forces her child to excel is a common problem we see in Singapore. Education and knowledge meant the same thing long time back. Now, if you ask a 7 year old, he would say, education means getting a good job and a fat salary. What is education? Forcing a textbook down your child’s throat? Education is about seeking knowledge without any pressure.No doubt that education is an essential tool to every human being. But how far should we stretch this tool to judge one’s knowledge? Education was brought to broaden the mind and accept all views. But, many educated people failed to understand the reason behind their education. In fact, it is they who discriminate uneducated people and chuck their views to a corner.This short film shows the situation very clearly. Education should be fun, whether it is music or books, it should never be a burden like the schoolbags children carry to school like turtles!

One thought on “Notes and Reflection 2

  1. Good, you let the reflections be your thoughts about the films rather than simply a summary of the films. That makes it much easier for me to read.

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