Classwork no. 2

Jake’s finger rakes the statue curiously, “Nooo! Don’t touch that!”. Jakes turns around and meets a stern gaze from Nora. She walks towards him agressively and glares at him angrily. “You do not work as a professional archaeologist!” Nora continues to fix an angry glare at Jake. “We have already one of our campers dead, and by touching these statues that could possibly contain corpse powder, you might get yourself killed like Paul!”. Jake nods as if he understands his mistake.

Nora walks to the centre of the site, and claps her hands catching the attention of all the campers. Everyone turns around and gazes at her. All of their faces dirty with soot. Nora breathes heavily and speaks, ” We are in very real danger, even though we have made a very brilliant discovery in these anazi ruins, we have to bear in mind that this corpse powder used in these ancient burial ground has caused one of our campers to die, so we have to pack up as soon as possible and leave!”.
“We can’t just possibly leave! This place may get looted!” Smith objects. “As team leader, i have no choice but to keep the safety of those under my commad!” Nora continues sternly. “Try to get many samples as possible and evacuate immediatly, we will come back later with better equipment”. She shouts out to her team.

Everyone begins to get back to work immediately. Taking pictures and whatever samples that they can find. Jake holds on to Nora’s hand in fear, “What if we are already infected?”. Nora tries to eliminate her fear in her voice as she speaks, “Corpse powder contains a certain fungal dust, that could have possibly killed thousands of anazis, that is why the whole civillisation vanished.  And they do have a cure for this. But for one to become infected, he has to inhale it. So even if we might have been infected, the best to do is to get a cure as soon as possible, thats why i have to be stern with each one of you!”.

The packing finishes by the end of the night. Everyone gathers around the centre of the site. Anxiety engulfing their faces. Soon, they hear the sounds of helicopters. A loud cheer breaks out among the crowd. Everyone slowly gets on the helicopters.

Nora looks out of the window, at the site. Jake holds on to her arm and squeeses it. “We will be back Nora, and this will be the peak of our career!”. Nora smiles back at him.

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