Jacky puts on his hula girl outfit and enters the temple. His face begins to tense as he threads towards the gates of the temple. Faces bearing the look of astonishment and shock looks at him. Jacky ignores them and walks slowly towards the centre of the temple. He closes his eyes, as if saying a silent prayer. Outside the temple, there were three boys staring hard at him. One of them mouths the following words, “If you dont do this act, you are not coming back to school again1″.

Jacky begins to shake his body to the temple drums. Anger begins to rise among the people there. Shouts begin to drown the music. But Jacky continued his act. The crowd begins to lose patience and starts to assault him physically.

Jacky quietly takes the beating from the angry mob. The three boys outside the temple, watches him intently. A satisfied grin begin spreading on their faces. Jacky drags himself from the crowd, his socks soaking in his own blood. He limps out of the temple towards his school bag. One of those boys, steps on his bag and sneers at him, ” Until you study in our school, you have to obey our rules.”

Wiping the blood off his face, Jacky picks up his bag and staggers towards home.

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